Exploring New Castle County: Delaware’s Thriving Northern Hub

New Castle County is a beautiful region in the state of Delaware, USA. The county is the northernmost of the three counties in the state and has a population of 571,708 as of 2021, making it the most populous county in Delaware.

The county was founded in 1637 and is named after William Cavendish, 1st Duke of Newcastle. The county seat of New Castle County is Wilmington, which is also the largest city in the state.

It has nearly 60% of the state’s population, making it an important economic and cultural hub in Delaware. The county is known for its historic sites, beautiful parks, and thriving business community.

County Council

If you’re looking for the physical address, phone number, or fax number of the New Castle County Executive’s Office in Delaware, you’re in the right place!

The office is located at 800 N. French St. on the eighth floor in Wilmington. You can reach them by phone or a fax. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to give them a call!

Physical Address800 N. French St., Eighth Floor, Wilmington, DE 19801
Fax302-395-8385 or 302-395-8386

Council Members

DistrictCouncil Member
1Brandon Toole
2Dee Durham
3Janet Kilpatrick
4Penrose Hollins
5Valerie George
6David B. Carter
7George Smiley
8John Cartier
9Timothy Sheldon
10Jea Street
11David Tackett
12Bill Bell

County Office Staff Information

This section provides a table of the staff members who are involved in the Council of the City of Newcastle, along with their respective titles, email addresses, and phone numbers.

The council is responsible for the administration and governance of the city, and the staff members play an essential role in assisting council members with their work.

Hartley-Nagle, KarenCouncil President302-395-8340[email protected]
Toole, BrandonCouncilman, 1st District302-395-8341[email protected]
Carter, DavidCouncilman, 6th District302-395-8346[email protected]
Street, JeaCouncilman, District 10302-395-8350[email protected]
Tackett, DavidCouncilman, District 11302-395-8351[email protected]
Bell, BillCouncilman, District 12302-395-8352[email protected]
Hollins, PenroseCouncilman, District 4302-395-8344[email protected]
Smiley, GeorgeCouncilman, District 7302-395-8347[email protected]
Cartier, JohnCouncilman, District 8302-395-8348[email protected]
Sheldon, TimothyCouncilman, District 9302-395-8349[email protected]
Durham, DeeCouncilperson, 2nd District302-395-8342[email protected]
Kilpatrick, JanetCouncilwoman, District 3302-395-8343[email protected]
George, ValerieCouncilwoman, District 5302-395-8345[email protected]
Migliore, MichaelCounsel to Council302-395-8389[email protected]
Wasserbach, RobertCounty Auditor302-395-5279[email protected]
Finnigan, TaraDeputy Clerk of Council302-395-8390[email protected]
Davis, CableLegislative Assistant(302) 395-8371[email protected]
Knapper, StaceyLegislative Assistant(302) 395-8361[email protected]
Lofton, BradleyLegislative Assistant(302) 395-8362[email protected]
Murphy, MaryleeLegislative Assistant302-395-8365[email protected]
Barlow, KarenLegislative Assistant to Councilman Bell302-395-8372[email protected]
Zara, RachelLegislative Assistant to Councilman Carter302-395-8366[email protected]
Traylor, NiQue’Legislative Assistant to Councilman Hollins302-395-8364[email protected]
Gildea, MicheleLegislative Assistant to Councilman John Cartier302-395-8368[email protected]
Rodriguez, MichaelLegislative Assistant to Councilman Sheldon302-395-8369[email protected]
Roberts, ChristineLegislative Assistant to Councilman Smiley302-395-8367[email protected]
Jackson, CharneeceLegislative Assistant to Councilman Street302-395-8370[email protected]
Rodriguez, MatthewLegislative Assistant to Councilman Woods302-395-8361[email protected]
Jackson, LinwoodLegislative Assistant to Councilwoman Kilpatrick302-395-8363[email protected]

History of New Castle County

The history of New Castle County is rich and varied, shaped by the influence of various European powers. The first permanent European settlement was established by Peter Minuit, and the Dutch, Swedes, and English subsequently vied for control over the area.

New Castle County was eventually established as a county within the Colony of Delaware, with its western border finally established in 1685.

1638Peter Minuit establishes Fort Christina, the first permanent European settlement in Delaware, at modern-day Wilmington.
1640New Sweden is founded a few miles south of Christina.
1644Queen Christina appoints Lt. Col. Johan Printz as Governor of New Sweden.
1651Peter Stuyvesant, Governor of New Netherland, purchases land from the Lenape that covers Minquas Kill to Bompties Hook.
1654Johan Risingh expels all Dutch from New Sweden. Fort Casimir surrenders and is renamed Fort Trinity.
1655The Dutch drive the Swedes from both sides of the river, convert the territory back to Fort Casimir, and rename Fort Christina as Fort Altena.
1663The Dutch West India Company conveys land from the south side of Christina Kill to Bombay Hook, and as far west as Minquas land.
1664The Duke of York, James, is granted the land by King Charles II. He orders removal of all Dutch from New Amsterdam and renames New Amstel as New Castle.
1672The town of New Castle is incorporated and English law is ordered. However, in 1673, the Dutch attack the territory, reclaiming it for their own.
1673The Dutch establish New Amstel in present-day Delaware, fairly coterminous with today’s New Castle County.
1674New Amstel is transferred to the British under the Treaty of Westminster on February 9, and is made dependent on New York Colony on November 6. It is renamed New Castle on November 11, 1674.
1676New Castle County is formally placed under the Duke of York’s laws. It gains land from Upland County on November 12.
1680St. Jones County is carved from New Castle County. It is known today as Kent County, Delaware.
1682New Castle County, along with the rest of the surrounding land, is transferred from the Colony of New York to the possession of William Penn, who establishes the Colony of Delaware.
1685The western border of New Castle County is finally established by King James II; this is set as a line from Old Cape Henlopen (presently Fenwick) west to the middle of the peninsula and north up to the middle of the peninsula to the 40th parallel.

Wastewater System

The New Castle County Wastewater System is responsible for providing wastewater services to more than 122,000 customers in the county.

The system processes about 50 million gallons of water every day and includes around 45,000 manholes, 1,800 miles of sanitary sewer pipes of varying diameters ranging from 6 inches to 84 inches, 3 wastewater treatment plants, and 175 pump stations.

The Wastewater Division is responsible for designing, constructing, and maintaining this extensive infrastructure as well as wastewater treatment facilities across the county.

The division’s employees work 24 hours a day and are responsible for a range of duties, including maintaining pumping stations, cleaning sewer lines, and designing and constructing new lines and also for sewer bill pay.

With its extensive infrastructure and dedicated team of professionals, the New Castle County Wastewater System ensures that the residents of the county have access to high-quality wastewater services around the clock.

Some Other Informations

Police Service in New Castle County

  • The non-emergency number for police service in New Castle County is 302-573-2800.
  • The number is staffed 24 hours a day by call takers who will dispatch City and/or County Police.

Superior Court in New Castle County

  • The address for the Superior Court in New Castle County is Leonard L. Williams Justice Center, 500 North King Street, Wilmington, DE 19801.
  • The court is open from Monday to Friday, 8:30 am to 4:30 pm.
  • The phone number for the court is 302-255-0800, and the Jury Services Office can be reached at 302-255-0824, with a fax number of 302-255-2263.

Judicial Officers in New Castle County

  • The judicial officers in New Castle County include Chief Judge Michael K. Newell, Judge Mark D. Buckworth, Judge Theresa M. Hayes, and many more.
  • A majority of the judges must be of one major political party, with the remainder from the other major political party.
  • The Governor nominates the judges, who must be confirmed by the Senate.

Last Verdict

New Castle County, located in the state of Delaware, is a highly desirable destination for individuals looking to live, work, or visit.

This region is renowned for its unique blend of history, culture, and natural beauty, offering a plethora of attractions and activities that cater to diverse interests.

Whether you’re interested in exploring historic sites, enjoying outdoor recreational activities, or simply taking in the region’s natural beauty, New Castle County is a wonderful place to live, work, or visit.

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