What does HOLD REL MEM CR mean chase Bank?

HOLD REL MEM CR stands for “Hold released, Memo Credit.” It indicates that a previously placed hold was manually released, and a memo credit was applied which is related to check clearance. This process results in the removal of both the hold and the associated credit, leaving only the check credit visible.

In the realm of financial transactions, the appearance of cryptic codes on bank statements can be a source of confusion like this- HOLD REL MEM CR. I have also got this in my bank statement, let’s talk about this.

What does HOLD REL MEM CR mean?

HOLD REL MEM CR appears to be a code used by banks, notably Chase Bank, indicating a pending credit to the user’s Chase account. This usually occurs after a substantial deposit, and the bank employs a temporary hold as a security measure.

It means- ‘Hold released, Memo Credit.’ This cryptic code indicates that a previously placed hold on funds has been manually lifted, and a memo credit, a temporary positive adjustment, has been applied to the account.

Notably, the term ‘pending’ might also be relevant in this scenario, suggesting that certain transactions are in progress but not yet finalized.

After this process, both the hold and its associated credit are removed, leaving only the check credit visible on the bank statement.

Possible Reasons and Consequences

Reasons for the Hold

HOLD REL MEM CR stands for “holding abandoned member credit.” Why you get this?

Banks employ this code when they need additional time to settle paying funds, especially after a large deposit, such as a check.

Consequences of HOLD REL MEM CR

As a consequence of this hold, a temporary restriction is placed on the account balance, limiting the account holder’s ability to conduct transactions. What causes many trouble for the account holder.

However, a portion of the funds will be available immediately during this period.

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How to Remove a Hold on a Bank Account

To lift a hold on your bank account efficiently:

  1. Identify the Hold Reason:
    • Understand if it’s due to a large deposit, check discrepancies, or security concerns.
  2. Contact the Relevant Party:
    • Reach out to your bank or the merchant (for debit card holds) promptly.
  3. Dealing with Deposited Checks:
    • Follow standard procedures and processing times.
    • Respond promptly to any notifications from your bank regarding the hold.
  4. Error Resolution:
    • Report any potential errors to your local branch for quick resolution.
  5. Prevent Future Holds:
    • Opt for direct deposit for faster access to funds.
    • Choose faster-clearing checks for substantial payments.
    • Inquire about debit card hold policies with merchants beforehand.
  6. Stay Informed:
    • Regularly communicate with your bank to understand their policies.
    • Stay aware of federal regulations and timelines for fund availability.

By following these steps, you can efficiently resolve holds and improve your banking experience.

Source: https://www.chase.com/personal/banking/education/basics/how-to-remove-a-hold-on-bank-account

How do I prevent HOLD REL MEM CR?

Do not panic if you encounter HOLD REL MEM CR in your account. This code is not related to check return but rather associated with the fund transfer of checks from the paying bank.

The hold is temporary and will be released within a specified time frame. To address this situation effectively, consider the following steps:

Understand the Reason for the Hold: Contact your bank to determine why the hold was placed on your account. Gather information about when and where the payment triggering the hold was made.

Confirm Your Payment: Ensure that you made the payment causing the hold, providing necessary details to the bank.

Check for Cleared Checks: If the hold is due to a deposited check, understand that it may remain until the check has cleared.

Address Mistaken Charges: If the hold resulted from mistaken charges by a store, contact the store for rectification.

Contact Customer Service: Reach out to Chase Bank’s customer care support at 1-800-935-9935 for assistance and clarification.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here go some frequently asked questions about this issue.

What does HOLD REL MEM CR mean?

HOLD REL MEM CR means for various interpretations, including “hold relinquished member credit” and “holding abandoned member credit.” In essence, it represents a temporary hold on your bank account, indicating that a credit is pending. This often occurs after a substantial deposit, such as a check.

Will I get the money in my account before the due date?

Yes, HOLD REL MEM CR is typically a temporary hold as your financial institution communicates with the paying bank to collect the funds and deposit. Once the funds are received, the hold is released, and you regain access to your entire account balance.

Does HOLD REL MEM CR mean a stopped transaction?

No, HOLD REL MEM CR does not signify a stopped transaction. It occurs after the hold is released, allowing you to continue using the money in your account as before. It is a temporary measure in place for the smooth processing of transactions.

What if I need money urgently?

If you require urgent access to your funds during the HOLD REL MEM CR period, consider alternative solutions. Applying for quick loans may provide a workaround until the temporary hold is resolved.

How do I prevent HOLD REL MEM CR in the future?

Preventing HOLD REL MEM CR may not be entirely within your control, as it often depends on the processing times of your bank and the paying bank. However, you can consider accepting direct transfers through e-wallets like PayPal or online holding services such as Wise to bypass potential check clearance delays.

What is the exact reason behind HOLD REL MEM CR?

The exact reason for HOLD REL MEM CR is associated with the check you deposited in the bank. It indicates that your bank is taking time to receive funds from the paying bank. Once the funds are obtained, the temporary hold is lifted.

How long does the temporary hold last?

The duration of the temporary hold (HOLD REL MEM CR) may vary based on factors like the check amount, due date, and the policies of the paying bank. If you need precise information about the hold duration, it is recommended to contact Chase personnel for assistance.

Can my bank stop HOLD REL MEM CR?

Once HOLD REL MEM CR is in transit, your bank cannot stop it. If the hold is still within the clearance period specified in the terms and conditions, you need to wait until the end of the advised period. After this time, contacting your bank or the paying bank may provide more details or assistance.

How can I address overdraft fees resulting from a faulty hold?

If a faulty hold on your account results in overdraft fees and other charges, your bank may be willing to remove these fees, especially if the error is on their part. Contact your bank to discuss the situation and inquire about the possibility of fee removal.

What steps should I take if I encounter HOLD REL MEM CR in my account?

If you see HOLD REL MEM CR in your account, follow these steps:
Contact your bank to understand the reason for the hold.
Confirm that you made the payment triggering the hold.
Check for cleared checks if the hold is related to a deposit.
Address any mistaken charges with the store if applicable.
If needed, contact customer service at Chase Bank (1-800-935-9935) for assistance.

What does “hold rel mem cr” mean with Chase?

“HOLD REL MEM CR” is a code used by Chase Bank, indicating a pending credit to the user’s account, typically after a large deposit. It represents a temporary hold as the bank communicates with the paying bank to collect and deposit funds.

What does “Hold REL MEM CR Pending” mean?

“HOLD REL MEM CR pending” implies that the temporary hold on your account is still in progress. It suggests that the funds associated with the pending credit are being processed, and you may need to wait until the specified clearance period expires before the hold is released.

Hold REL MEM CR mean on my check- What its mean?

HOLD REL MEM CR on your check indicates a hold related to the release of a credit or a credit memo by Chase Bank. To resolve any concerns, it is recommended to contact Chase Bank’s customer service or visit your local branch for detailed information on the transaction and the hold in place.


In conclusion, HOLD REL MEM CR may present itself as a momentary disruption in your financial operations, but understanding its origins and following the appropriate steps can help alleviate concerns.

Whether it’s associated with check clearance, a large deposit hold, or the intricate world of abandoned member credit, rest assured that financial institutions, such as Chase Bank, are there to assist you 24/7 or you can call directly at Chase Bank (1-800-935-9935) for assistance.

Leave a comment if you have further questions or share your experiences with HOLD REL MEM CR. We’re here to assist you in unraveling the mysteries of your financial statements.

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